What is a digital democracy mentor? Are you a digital democracy activist? Then you probably have skills to share. Do you know how to blog about elections? Have you found an effective way to collaborate with local democracy activists? Do you have an interesting democracy project that you would like to see replicated in other countries? If so, consider signing up to be a digital democracy mentor. All mentoring will occur through e-mail, so it's really quite easy. And you could be working with mentees from around the world. If this sounds interesting to you, please create a mentor profile below by clicking the "edit" tab at the top of the screen.
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Name: Mary Joyce
Location: Rabat, Morocco
Online Identity/Profession: Editor in Chief of DemoBlog (http://www.demologue.com/pages/English/DemoBlogEnglish/DemoBlog.html) and Demologue.com (http://www.demologue.com/)
Skills: blogging about global democracy, creating a personal blog aggregator, working with local activists on democracy guides
Languages: en; ar-1; es-2; fr-3
Contact: MaryCJoyce@gmail.com