This simple little technique works as it over rides the signals from your ears to your brain. So it will stop or reduce your tinnitus very quickly. The reason I say 7 minutes is that you may need to repeat this a few times to gain the full effect. However don't be alarmed if it doesn't work. This doesnt mean you have an incurable case of tinnitus. It just means you need to target the noise differently. Which is why you need a comprehensive approach to get a lasting cure. For now though, use this simple technique to help ease the noise. All you need to do is place your palms of your hands over your ears. Then wrap your fingers behind your head. Make sure your ears a re fully covered. Then tap your index finger against your skull to make a drumming sound. It should reverberate in your ears, you may even find it occurs in one more than the other. Keep tapping your finger for about a minute. Then pause to see what your ear noises are like, this should stop ear ringing or at least lessen it after the first attempt. If not repeat a few times and you should find the noise less. It is very simple and effective, yet only offers temporary relief.

Stop Ear Ringing Long Term As I said above, this is temporary relief and to get long lasting relief you need to address both the symptoms and the cause. To do this you need to use a system that covers all the bases and make sure you stop ear ringing now and for the future. There are many programs on the net today. Most are very ineffective at getting lasting results. Ive tested and analyzed many and only ever found a few that worked and only one that had consistent results. It is the only system that is reliable and will stop ear ringing from both a symptom viewpoint and removes the cause too. The Tinnitus Miracle system is the internets most sold Port Wine program for tinnitus for one very good reason. It will stop ear ringing in more people than any other program and if you suffer you should contact a personal trainer and check it out. How to Stop Ringing In Ears